Our Fun Team - We are a family and enjoy our life...

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We are a family restaurant started as by a small team who have created the style of service, coffee, food and the ambience in Boo's Kitchen. We have a lot of fun and hope that we generate that feeling to our loyal guests.


The first picture ...Nong (Siriluk) does our breakfast buffet for the Diana Hotel next door and works with as our Dinner Chef as well as well.  Myself (Boo) - well I am every where - the Breakfast Chef, Kitchen Hand or Cleaner ....whatever it takes to make sure you have a wonderfull experience in my restaurant  !! Sek (Somsak) our Head Chef who tirelessly works - makes me feel tired just watching him !!  Lek (Khomsan), my brother who is here from Thailand helping me and has been the masterchef behind some of the flavours you will taste.

Next of course is Kate, who works with us and with whom we have great fun, when we can convince her to help us with the Buffet breakfast and of course the force behind our plated function dinners that we do for the Hotel Diana's formal functions. 

Well what can I say, Gerard, my husband, the man behind me - great at washing dishes - you will not find a speck on pur dishes !! Of course the business brain ...

My two daughters of course, Tash (Natasha) and Issy (Issabella) who manage the counter, service, wait tables, help in the kitchen - I am blessed to have them work with me - of course nothing is free !! 

Last but not least, my brother and I - we grew up together and I am so proud to have had the opportunity to have him at my side starting Boo's Kitchen.

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