Isan / Northern Thai Cuisine

The round-up: tantalise your taste buds at Brisbane’s best Thai restaurants

Any cuisine that can plate up fiery curries, saucy noodle dishes and zesty salads has our immediate vote, so you can only imagine how much we love Thai cuisine. Give it to us takeaway, or sit us down for a dine-in experience – either way we’re always ready to take on some Thai. Brisbane is flush with incredible Thai eateries, from flash restaurants to hole-in-the-wall neighborhood joints. Everyone has their preferred spot, but we’ve endeavored to collate as many as we can into a list of what we hear is the best. If you’re reading this on an empty stomach, be prepared to pick up an unshakable craving for Thai right about now …

Boo’s Kitchen, Woolloongabba: Bussakorn, known as Boo to friends and family, is the brain behind Boo’s Kitchen – a popular spot for flavours from Thailand’s Isan region. Isan cuisine is about sharing and coming together around a meal, and Boo’s Kitchen’s menu is great for splitting amongst your loved ones. Favourites include wagyu steak with hot dipping sauce, Isan-style salmon custard, chopped duck breast salad and Laos-style sausages.


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